One of the basic principles of the American legal system is that the party that causes an injury or damage to property should be held accountable for the damages it caused. Equitable and conventional subrogation allows an insurance carrier to seek reimbursement of payments made to its policyholder from a responsible third party for the damages it caused. 


Founded in 2007, BMG has more than 50 years experience handling property and worker’s compensation subrogation in the State of Texas and contiguous states. BMG has made significant recoveries for its clients against builders, subcontractors, product manufacturers, public utilities and negligent individuals. The defective products that BMG has successfully pursued include water supply lines, corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST), clothes dryers, electric ovens, heavy industrial and agricultural equipment, industrial ovens and vehicles.  

While BMG focuses primarily on subrogation, BMG’s attorneys also handle real estate litigation, estate planning, business litigation, premises liability and bankruptcy.